DTA Purchased

In 2009, the Curnutte family purchased Digital Telephone Alliance (DTA). Rick Curnutte Sr., who had spent 30+ years in the energy industry, saw a shift in the industry and the potential in telecommunications. DTA hired Terry Madden as President in the same year to oversee product expansion and build out.

A Change of Name

DTA changed its name to Volli Communications after a product pivot.

Fortinet Partnership

Volli Communications and Fortinet partnered to produce FortiVoice, a flagship product that became a major focus for both companies. It required a significant investment of resources and collaboration from both companies.

SIP Refocus

Volli Communications stopped marketing support for all their products to develop the most advanced and cutting-edge SIP architecture in the industry. They wanted to build a highly reliable product that met market demands. This decision was made just before COVID-19 in 2020, when remote work and technology reliance made reliable SIP architecture more important.

This decision allowed Volli to focus on developing a product that met customer needs during a challenging time. Their dedication to building a cutting-edge SIP architecture resulted in a highly reliable product that met market demands.

Partner Expansion

Volli Communication emphasized building partnerships with leading industry brands instead of creating new products. Collaborating with notable partners such as Sinch, Lumen, Fortinet, AudioCodes, and many more, the company broadened its offerings, reached new markets, and leveraged partner expertise for growth and innovation. This strategic partnership focus proved successful for Volli Communication.

March 20, 2023
Volli Joins Intelisys

Volli Communications partnered with Intelisys as a SIP Trunk and UCaaS provider, demonstrating our dedication to strong collaborations and providing high-quality communication services to customers. This alliance allows us to deliver advanced technology and exceptional support for smooth communication experiences.

April 5, 2023
Volli launches Audio Codes Partnership

Volli announced an exclusive partnership with AudioCodes, integrating AudioCodes' SBC product into Volli's offerings and enhancing our Fortivoice/Fortinet platform and ecosystem. The result, Volli Direct, allowed us to add thousands of new endpoints weekly and provided AudioCodes customers with prime connectivity, porting ease, and a redundant ecosystem. This partnership represented our commitment to leveraging industry leaders to strengthen our strategic partnerships.

May 17, 2023
Volli partners with Viirtue PBX

Volli unveiled a significant partnership with Viirtue, a leader in cloud communications. This collaboration led to the white-labeling of Viirtue's PBX, enhancing Volli Business's offerings and providing customers with a comprehensive, feature-rich communication solution. The partnership allowed Volli to leverage Viirtue's innovative voice platform, delivering superior communication services to businesses worldwide. This strategic alliance underscored Volli's commitment to providing top-tier communication solutions by collaborating with industry-leading partners.

The Hardware

Volli Communications uses redundant SIP switches and dispersed RTP Proxy clusters to ensure clear voice and data relays without latency or jitter.

Customers can send outbound data via two data centers, using their preferred method for uptime assurance. Inbound data can be delivered similarly. Clients can register with Volli’s IP Auth-controlled IPs for smooth failover without delays. Supported by top carriers, Volli offers phone numbers in every North American rate center.