Our History

DTA Purchased

In 2009 the Curnutte family purchased Digital Telephone Alliance (DTA).  After spending 30+ years in the energy industry, Rick Curnutte Sr., saw a shift in the energy industry and the potential in the telecommunications industry. 

2009 DTA hired Terry Madden as President of the company to oversee product expansion and build out.

A change of Name

After a product pivot, the DTA name was changed to Volli Communications.  The name was created to show homage to Rick Curnutte Sr. for seeing the value.

Fortinet Partnership

The Volli Communication team, in partnership with Fortinet, has begun the production process for a new product called FortiVoice. This product was developed as part of a strategic partnership between the two companies, with the goal of creating a flagship offering that would be a major focus for both Volli Communication and Fortinet. The development of FortiVoice required a significant investment of resources, including the collaboration of the respective expertise and resources of both companies.

SIP Refocus

The Volli Communications team made the decision to discontinue marketing support for all of their products in order to focus on developing the most advanced and cutting-edge SIP architecture in the industry. This decision was made with the goal of building a highly reliable product that would be well-suited to meet the demands of the market. It was fortunate that this decision was made just before the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, as the shift towards remote work and increased reliance on technology made a reliable SIP architecture even more important.

This decision allowed the Volli Communications team to put all of their resources towards developing a product that was able to meet the needs of their customers during a challenging time. Their dedication to building a cutting-edge SIP architecture resulted in a highly reliable product that was well-suited to meet the demands of the market.

Partner Expansion

Instead of creating new products, Volli Communication recognized the importance of building partnerships with industry-leading brands. As a result, the company began forming relationships with several strategic partners, including LiveVox, Sinch, Lumen, GBS, and Utel, amongst several others.  These partnerships allowed Volli Communication to expand its offerings and access new markets, while also leveraging the expertise and resources of its partners to drive growth and innovation.

Volli Communication's focus on building strategic partnerships proved to be a successful approach for the company.

March 20, 2023
Volli Joins Intelisys

Volli Communications joined Intelisys as a SIP Trunk and UCaaS provider. This partnership represents our commitment to building strong relationships with our partners and delivering top-notch communication solutions to our customers. With this partnership, we were able to offer cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support for seamless communication experiences.


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