Volli-Teams Setup​

Dear Administrator,

Welcome to the Volli family!
We’re thrilled to have you onboard with Volli Teams Direct Routing, supercharged by Volli & AudioCodes’ Volli Direct platform.

Let’s get you set up. Here’s your step-by-step guide to activating your tenant:

  1. Click on this link and log in with your M365 UC Global Administrator account.
  2. Enter the Global Admin email address for your Microsoft Teams Account that you’re linking to.
  3. Click inside the box to enable the “Start Authentication” button.
  4. Hit that button! A new line will appear, prompting you to open a new link and insert a provided code.
  5. This new page will ask for permission for AudioCodes to access your Teams Account. Go ahead and click ‘Yes’.
  6. You’ll get a message saying you can close that page. Go ahead and do that.
  7. You’ll be whisked back to the original page, which will continue its magic and then tell you that you can close that window too.
  8. And voila! Your part here is done.


A couple of important notes:

Spare E5 License Needed for Domain Activation: This license can be removed from the user that will be created after 1 week. To check for an E5 license:

  • Visit Microsoft Admin
  • Click on “Admin” in the left menu.
  • Navigate to “Billing” > “Licenses”
  • Verify there is at least one Office 365 E5 License available. If not, you can either purchase a license or reassign one from another user who doesn’t need it.


Privacy is a Priority: The authentication process will be conducted against your Microsoft M365 Tenant. Rest easy, we won’t have access to or save your password.


You’re in Control: You can revoke the authentication at any point. Just a heads-up, revoking the authentication will pause the service.

Thank you for choosing Volli, and if you need anything at all, we’re just a message away.

Best regards,
The Volli Support Team