Our Commitment to Accessibility

  1. Designated Handicapped Accessible Parking Spots:

    We have three designated parking spots reserved for individuals with disabilities, ensuring that those with mobility challenges have convenient access to our building.

  2. Handicapped Accessible Ramps:

    All entrances to our building feature ramps, providing easy access for individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

  3. Wide Doorways:

    All doors within our building are designed to be wide enough for wheelchair access, ensuring that everyone can move freely throughout our premises.

  4. Handicapped Accessible Offices and Restrooms:

    All employee offices and restrooms within our building are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, providing a comfortable and inclusive environment for everyone.


We are dedicated to maintaining and improving our accessibility features and services to ensure that everyone can enjoy a barrier-free experience when visiting or working with us.
We are continuously reviewing our compliance with the ACA and ADA to ensure that we meet or exceed the requirements set by these important laws.
For more information about our accessibility features or to provide feedback on how we can improve, please contact us at compliance@vollicomm.com