Empowering Teams with Advanced Calling Solutions

Microsoft Teams is the Microsoft vision for working together, to be seen, heard and share, unleashing the power of Teamwork.  Chat, meet, call or collaborate, Microsoft Teams provides people and organizations intelligent collaboration around the world.

Volli is a trusted advisor for Microsoft Teams, voice and video collaboration.   Volli has a complete Teams solution, all from a single vendor, which includes hardware, software and services.

Teams Communication Reimagined for the Modern Workplace

Experience seamless integration and superior voice quality with Volli Direct, your comprehensive Microsoft Teams direct routing solution.

Calls, meetings, messaging, and more, all within your Teams environment.

Why Choose Volli Direct for Microsoft Teams?


  • Speedy transformation & migrations
  • Flexibility for futureproofing
  • Integration & interoperability
  • Simple scalability, monitoring and management


  • Easily migrate from Skype for Business and other PBX platforms to Team
  • Design your Microsoft Teams network with the future in mind
  • Maintain existing PSTN/SIP trunking providers with Direct Routing SBCs
  • Management and monitoring with Office 365 admin center

Why Choose Volli Direct for Microsoft Teams?

  • Comprehensive Calling Capabilities
  • Device Management
  • Global Call Routing
  • Auto Attendants
  • Call Queues
  • Contact Center Integration
  • Custom Music on Hold
  • Call Logs
  • Quality Dashboards
  • Emergency Calling
  • Single Sign-On
  • Advanced Analytics

Enhanced Emergency Location Tracking with Volli Direct

Navigating the remote work landscape, Volli Direct ensures employee safety during emergencies with advanced ELIN and PIDF-LO services. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, our solution offers precise location tracking for regulatory compliance and team safety.

933 Testing

Volli Direct’s 933 Testing feature allows businesses to verify the functionality of their emergency calling system without actually dialing 911. 

Regulatory Compliance

With Volli Direct, businesses can easily meet regulatory requirements for emergency calling.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Teams

Volli Direct integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, providing a unified communication solution that enhances productivity and collaboration.

Tracking 911 Location Through Access Points

In an emergency, knowing the exact location of the caller can be crucial. Volli Direct’s advanced location tracking feature uses access points to pinpoint the location of 911 calls.

Volli Direct for Microsoft Teams is a high-quality calling solution that provides Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity for your Microsoft Teams’ cloud phone system. It ensures secure and private voice transmission through our resilient voice network.

If you’re using or considering Microsoft Teams as your unified communications platform, Volli Direct is ideal. It enables you to make and receive calls from individuals outside of your Teams environment through the PSTN.

For each Teams user, you must have an E1 or E3 license with a phone system add-on or an E5 license.

No, as long as you have a Microsoft Teams License that includes a phone system add-on, you will not need any additional licenses for direct routing.

o, Volli Direct does not sell Microsoft 365 licenses; however, you will need Microsoft licenses to use Volli Direct.

No, Volli Direct is an alternative solution to Microsoft’s Calling Plans. It provides flexibility and cost savings to our customers.